Personal Hobby Projects

(from time to time); for what I'm doing now, maybe my blog has something

Here you can find the articles I've written for
In somewhat most recent order:


Status: Works.
Desc: Gajim is the best GTK Jabber client
Program written in Python (pygtk).

Kathimerini Newspaper in SINGLE PDF

Status: Done -- trick no longer works
Desc: Kathimerini Newspaper in one PDF (in Python with Google App Engine)

Kerdos Newspaper in SINGLE PDF

Status: Done.
Desc: Kerdos Newspaper in one PDF (in Python with Google App Engine)

Eleftheros Typos Newspaper in SINGLE PDF

Status: Done.
Desc: Eleftheros Tipos newspaper (create one single PDF for the whole paper) (in Python)

Greeklish to Greek Converter

Status: Done.
Desc: Application uses online service to do this job, but cleverly overcomes the character limit
Get it here (in Python)

XML to MySQL, then html form and cgi-bin for Full-Text search

Status: Done.
Desc: lib.xml is migrated to MySQL
and user can Full-Text search via cgi-bin Web UI. source (in Python)

Άνω τελεία (·) για Windows και Linux

Status: Done.
Desc: How to write ano teleia allover with one keyboard combination. Read more

Ergonomics and GNOME (in Greek)

Status: Done.
Desc: Users sit and try GNOME 2.8
Get the PDF


Status: Done. UPDATE: since the update in mycosmos this program is useless. Use your browser or if you must PyCosmos
Desc: GmyCosmos is a GUI for sendings SMS via COSMOTE's mycosmos service
Program written in Python (pygtk). Find out more

DailyCartoon Applet

Status: abandoned.
Desc: DCApplet is a DailyCartoon GNOME Panel Applet
I did this app mostly for my own interest.
Then I and a friend of mine (bigpod) rewrote the code to act more a front-end.
Program written in Python (gnomepython). DCApplet's page


Status: abandoned. (DSL rocks!)
Desc: netModconf is a GNU/Linux Graphical Configuration Manager for netMod
netMod Configuration Manager goes to meet the Penguin
Program written in Python. Find out more
You're welcome to fork this. I lost interest in this, although it was starting to work nicely


Status: Done.
Desc: A server I wrote in C. You connect via telnet in 8000 and
start the auction where other users bid and finally win an item.
Single-proccess implementation in C written mainly with poll()
A server waiting for clients to sell and/or bid for items. Just unpack, 'make' and then ./bidserver.
Now telnet localhost 8000 and then help. You're ready :P
Here you can find the source (in C)


Status: Done.
Desc: This little program acts like an english-to-greek and greek-to-english dictionary.
It uses greek online dictionaries to define the word you want.
To render the HTML code it uses this Gecko ActiveX Control found in this page
So you must get the installer of that control and the base of Gecko. And then
in order to execute the binary you need to install a CLR. Currently only Microsoft .NET
ok, now you can get and run WebDictSharp [ binary || source (in C#)|| screenshots ]

MIPS assembly

Status: Finished
Desc: This program gets from the user 20 numbers and does BubbleSort (and prints the sorted numbers), finds duplicate number occurences (you give 20 numbers), finds min/man/average, print the 20 numbers & (of course) exits
Here you can find the source and greek documentation.

Tao.OpenGL with C# Builder

Status: Finished
Desc: An intro tutorial I did about Tao.OpenGL and C# Builder Personal Edition (free beer)
See it here

Psi's Translation in greek language

Status: No longer maintained by me.
Desc: Psi is the best Jabber client I know. It runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD.
Jabber is an IM-and-not-only open source and xml based and decentralized protocol. All this do mean that it doesn't suck as much as msn, icq, etc..
Jabber Foundation:

greek accounting rules for KPPP

Status: Finished
Desc: I updated the greek accounting rules for KPPP (Later note: KDE sucks, use GNOME)